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... Wein, Bad und Liebe, ja!
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** Ardent Polyhistor.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:heart: Apologies if I don't answer to your COMMENT - there are sooo many stacked up!
Please know that I do appreciate each and every one. ~ Sincere THANK YOU!!!

:bulletblue::bulletblue: Cave ab homine unius libri ... "We are all one. Ours is not a better way, ours is merely another way." ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Angelic Llama by ForgottenAmnesty:star::iconllamasongplz::star::iconcutellamaplz::star: FOR:star::iconcutellamaplz::star::iconllamasongplz::star:Angelic Llama by ForgottenAmnesty

Had he but spar'd his Tongue and Pen, He might have rose like other Men:
But, Power was never in his Thought; And, Wealth he valu'd not a Groat:
Ingratitude he often found, And pity'd those who meant the Wound:
But, kept the Tenor of his Mind, To merit well of human Kind:
Nor made a Sacrifice of those Who still were true, to please his Foes.

* Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift. Immortal by AssClownFishTroopers Dance by rosariocentralplz

Nolite iudicare alii per vestram valores.

Stamp: History by zoro4me3History Nerd Stamp by HeavenlyCondemnedStamp: History Geek by spiffingsailorRespect History Stamp by sugaredheartBookworm Stamp by theBIZARREoneSo Many Books by LaPurrNerd with style by Claire-stampsFpt Fpt Fpt by overseer

... Digging up dead people. ... For study purposes! =P

Et Lux Perpetua by MD-Arts
... Skeleton Dance by DiZa-74
:iconmouhahaplz: ... For FUN, really.:flyinghamsterofdoom: by Helen-BaqDance lessons by CookiemagiK:iconghost-plz::iconchickendanceplz::icongash-attackplz:
''... Best way to come to the heart of the matter is to stick a knife into it.'' How I Roll Stamp by Mirz123

''You mean to say exactly what you know; but in reality you are giving expression to what is, in all essential particulars, an hypothesis. You do not KNOW it at all; it is nothing but an hypothesis rapidly framed in your own mind. And it is an hypothesis founded on a long train of inductions and deductions.'' ~ T. H. Huxley.

Roula's Flowers by KmyGraphic
:iconfangtasticplz::iconsaysplz: ''Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. Quand la populance se mele de raisonner, tout est perdu.'' (Reason can justify everything - it is its winning trait - and a deadly flaw ...)

:angry: by Ser1x LIFE'S MOTTO: (one for Reality, one for Illusion)

~ Bumbulum magnum - vince pecunia. ( = Fart great - win money.)
~ Teneant omnes cervisia et evomere postea. (= Hold all the beer and vomit afterwards.) :iconblakelord:

:icondummydanceplz:Stamp Music by sonedesignsBisectional Stamp by NeexusbeetaStamp Music by sonedesigns:iconexciteddummyplz:


... Antonio SALIERI!!!


The HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE!… :iconcardinalplz:
🎧 :iconcomposerlaplz: Tune Thy Musicke to Thy Hart: ████████████████ ] Loading *BAROQUE*: 99% Complete :iconblackbangplz:


:icondarksaxebleu: Avatar = Maurice Quentin Delatour (de la Tour)
~ I just wish to see a cool, smug 18th century guy in a wig when I log in! ;P
:iconcatmeowplz: Lady in the wheelbarrow = Rowena Cade!

* Polite, courteous, helpful notes and comments are accepted and encouraged.
:iconquackplz: * Impolite, discourteous, bitchy, whining, complaining, nasty, mean spirited and unhelpful scrivenings have neither merit nor use and will, of course, be blocked.

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ShadeOvWarlock Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
DarkSaxeBleu Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
... She has him where she wants him! Even if she doesn't want him ;)
ShadeOvWarlock Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
you are the very nice persone to speak with.... You are the truly brilliant! I Love You Emote 
flandre495 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Asking various composers "What time is it?"

Bach: Time to study, of course. Fugues are hard work, you know. And time is precious. You don't get much of it when you have a billion kids running around the household.

Vivaldi: Time for a brand-spanking-new violin concerto~

Handel: Lunchtime. :T

Haydn: It's a surprise! ;)

Beethoven: Dime? What dime? Didn't you mean to say "penny"?

Stravinsky: Time to stage a riot! >xD

Chopin: *cough* *cough* It's-*cough* I mean the time is-*cough* *cough* The time is-*cough* Never mind...

Brahms: Clearly not the time for a shave.

Schumann: Time to confess my innermost thoughts and feelings to my trusty diary, the only thing in the universe capable of fully understanding me in all my complexities and neuroses.

Shostakovich: Time to present Stalin with my middle finger that points to the heavens.

Mahler: Alas, what is time but a poignant reminder to all that nothing shall stand matter how beautiful or deplorable, everything in the Universe will still gradually be stripped to the bone by the endless ebb and flow of the tides of time...the hammer blows of Fate, if I have to put it in this way...and all will fall to dust and sink into an eternal darkness. Ewig...ewig...

Wagner: Time for 15 hours of the entire Ring Cycle! >:D *evil laughter*

Strauss II: 3/4 TIME!! WALTZ!!
DarkSaxeBleu Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
... OMG, a WIN!!! Especially Handel and Shosty :D Adding a few more! 
Lully: Beating time! ... Oh noezzz! My poor toes! :iconcomposerlaplz:

Mozart: Party time, meow! :meow:

Salieri: ... The day of reckoning! Swoosh  
Mussorgsky: ... Time to wash myself up, thoroughly? wash huh No, wait - that's next year.

Clementi: Is it Baroque? Classicism? Or Romanticism? Hell, I'll just mix them all together *explodes*.

Friedemann Bach: ... A what now?!

Glenn Miller: ... It's the final countdown! 
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